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The cause and solution of the orange peel of water-based film.

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The cause and solution of the orange peel of water-based film.
Latest company news about The cause and solution of the orange peel of water-based film.

Orange peel is, you can see the contrast between the bright area and the non-bright area when the light focuses on the surface of the high-gloss coating film. when the surface of the paint film appears 0.1-10mm-sized ripple structure, there will be uneven size of bright / dark ripples, this similar to the surface of orange peel ripples commonly known as orange peel film.

The cause of the orange peel

1, the surface of the substrate flatness difference.

2, paint viscosity is large, level performance is poor.

3, compressed air pressure is lower than the process requirements, the amount of paint is too large, resulting in poor atomization.

4, the applied or sprayed ambient temperature exceeds the process requirements.

5, painting indoor wind speed exceeds the process requirements.

6, leveling time is not enough, leveling is not enough.

7, spray film thickness is insufficient.

8, nozzle from the coated distance is too far or too close, the coating spray too thin or too thick.

Common measures to solve orange peel defects

1, the roughness of the coat should be as small as possible.

2, improve the smooth performance of the coating itself.

3, before spraying to confirm that compressed air pressure remains within the process range, select paint volume and atomization performance of good spraying tools. So that the coating to achieve a good atomization effect.

4, the coating should be fully cooled (e.g. the temperature should be cooled to less than 50 ℃), spray room temperature should be maintained between 20-35 ℃.

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