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company news about Several misunderstandings in determining the quality of E-coating

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Company News
Several misunderstandings in determining the quality of E-coating
Latest company news about Several misunderstandings in determining the quality of E-coating

With the improvement of product coating anti-corrosion performance requirements, cathodic electrophoresis technology in coating equipment has gradually become popular, the relevant personnel have mastered the main principles of cathodic electrophoresis construction technology requirements.

However,  it is still easy to have the following points of error in the design and debugging process.

Gloss / the brighter the electrophoretic coating, the better is wrong 

General industrial products parts to do electrophoretic coating, the use of electrophoresis coatings are mostly epoxy resin, the most important properties of this coating is characterized by good corrosion resistance, good adhesion of the bottom, but its biggest deficiency is poor weather resistance. If the pursuit of its coating gloss (brightness) is not in line with its characteristics, this unreasonable pursuit behind a variety of hidden dangers, curing temperature can not meet the process requirements, solvent volatilization is not complete, insufficient molecular crosslinking, adhesion and corrosion resistance is very poor, the coating easy to peel off, the substrate easy to rust.

The thickness / the thicker the electrophoresis coating, the better is wrong.

The thickness of the electrophoresis coating is determined by the following basic factors in a certain range, one is the construction voltage, the current, the other is the tank temperature, the third is the solid grade of the tank liquid, and the fourth is determined by the properties of the coating itself. One of the most important and most critical is the fourth factor, the general electrophoretic coating coating reasonable thickness of 20-25 m, although the adjustment of the first three factors can properly control the thickness of the coating, but break through the thickness of the property range, it will be unreasonable, it will sacrifice the appearance of the coating and adhesion and other indicators.

Wide range of applications / misunderstanding on  compared electrophoresis with Electroplating, plastic spraying 


The advantages of electrophoresis technology, it is also the lack of electroplating and spraying process, electrophoresis has the advantages of electroplating layer adhesion, uniform coating, good adhesion and so on, more spray organic coating corrosion resistance, decorative beauty and so on, to overcome the electroplating technology environmental protection is weak, complex process, poor corrosion resistance and other aspects of the deficiency, but also overcome the spray coating adhesion, corrosion resistance, process discipline is not strict. Based on this, electrophoresis technology has been applied not only in the automotive and motorcycle manufacturing industry, but also widely used in electronic equipment, smart devices, hardware tools and other fields.


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