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Powder coating
Latest company news about Powder coating

The increasingly serious air pollution has made the laws and regulations defining pollution increasingly strict in countries around the world, and the development of non-toxic, harmless and non-polluting coating products has become the mission of the industry.

HLS Group advocate extreme customization as the core, research and development of solvent-free, 100% into film, with protection and decoration comprehensive performance of green environmental protection powder coatings, film forming appearance and various mechanical properties and anti-corrosion performance safety to meet the industry's high-end requirements for products. Widely used in auto parts, building materials, communications, sports equipment, engineering machinery and other industries. At the same time, it also provides colorful, transparent, metal and other types of high-end powder products.


Meet your challenges for the material

➤ Excellent impact resistance and surface hardness, toughness, adhesion and other mechanical properties


➤ The coating film has excellent appearance and can present different effects such as colorful, transparent and metallic


➤ Strong weather resistance and anti-corrosion performance


➤ Good multi-functional product coverage


➤ The product construction process is simple and stable, and the recycling rate is high


Automotive powder coatings

It is used in automobile body, wheel hub, lamp, interior and exterior trim, functional parts (engine, chassis, spring, exhaust), etc.


High-end industrial powder coatings

Used in building materials, furniture and appliances, information and communications, sports equipment and other fields.


Functional powder coatings

It is used in industries with special functions that require high temperature resistance, antibacterial, insulation, low temperature, and heavy anti-corrosion.


ACE powder coatings

It is used in engineering thin plates, engineering structural parts, engineering small parts and other engineering tools and engineering vehicles.


High performance metal bond powder coatings

Applied to various industries where the appearance needs to show a metallic effect


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