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company news about How to purchase E-coating product

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How to purchase E-coating product
Latest company news about How to purchase E-coating product


Film property evaluation

The surface of the coating should smooth and smooth with good levelling; The film thickness shall meet the corresponding technical requirements and be stable :

  1. Physical properties, such as: hardness, adhesion, flexibility, impact strength, cupping
  2. Chemical properties, such as (1) corrosion resistance (single layer primer with phosphating treatment) ,(2) salt spray resistance ,according to ASTM method , quality product no less than 1200H ,(3) cyclic corrosion resistance ;more than 30 or 60 times , (4)edge corrosion resistance (or edge covering)

Construction performance evaluation

      Both parties choose the best E-coating condition.

  1. Throwing power: under the same condition , the higher the better
  2. Heating and reduction: the film dried at 105℃ and 107℃ is weightless, the lower the thermal decomposition after high temperature drying, the better which is also conducive to environmental protection and the maintenance of the drying room
  3. Organic solvent in the tank: the lower the better under the premise of keeping the liquid stability . Modern index <1.0%. The trend is no organic solvent , which is conducive to environment protection.
  4. The stability of tank liquid: when normal producing , no need to add additives, can keep the tank liquid stable.
  5. Dryness of the film: From the viewpoint of energy saving ,curing temperature the lower the better, the shorter baking time (the holding time of film material ) is better.
  6. Intermedia coat compatibility , overcoatability: directly affect the adhesion and appearance of film, especially when E-coating primer, intermedia and finishing are not supplied from the same supplier.

Of course quality with good price , supplying guarantee, after-sales service those aspect is easy to understand, so we won’t explain it more



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