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How to carry out the regular clearance work of the electrophoretic tank

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How to carry out the regular clearance work of the electrophoretic tank
Latest company news about How to carry out the regular clearance work of the electrophoretic tank

We know that a new electrophoresis tank to be cleared, why an old electrophoresis tank also need to be cleared? And how to carry out the work of clearing the tank?

We’d like shares with you how the work of clearing electrophoresis tank that have been applied to large-scale production.

                                                                                                        - Purpose -

First of all, we have to understand why , its purpose is mainly as the following aspects:

1, pick up the workpiece that fell into tank;

2, check the internal circulation lines, nozzles, dredging or replacing it if needed

3, check the anode cover.

4, clear the sediment.

- Methods and procedures -

The transfer and cleaning of the tank fluid in the electrophoresis tank is also one of the important maintenance work of electrophoresis tank, which is not a daily management project and is a regular proceeding.

The steps for groove cleaning are generally as follows:

1, spare tank clean;

2, transfer the electrophoresis tank fluid to the backup tank through the transfer pump;

3, flush the surface of the anode cover and the residual tank liquid at the edge of the groove, and check the anode cover;

4, pick up the workpiece that fell into the groove;

5, manually remove the sediment on the wall or the bottom , scrub the stubborn strain with neutralized agent;

6, flushing the electric swimming tank;

7, electrophoresis tank filled with water circulation to clean the pipe;

8, drain the circulating water and completely rinse clean, close the sewage valve;

9, Confirming safety, transfer the electrophoresis tank fluid back to the electrophoresis tank, add pure water or new paint according to the liquid conditions;

Regular tank maintenance is conducive to the earlier detection of electrophoresis tank problems, troubleshooting problems, and improve the efficiency of production. Sometimes troubleshooting be done through tank clearance, because of some special circumstances ,such as: large piece dropping, anode cover diaphragm aging or broken. General management is relatively perfect large-scale grooves with nice management usually carry out tank maintenance once a year, while those electrophoresis lines that processing small parts , it is also very necessary to maintain the tank clearance once a half year.

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