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company news about Correct method for determination of fineness of E-coating

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Correct method for determination of fineness of E-coating
Latest company news about Correct method for determination of fineness of E-coating


In the process of industrial production, sometimes in order to better apply the Electrophoretic coating, it is necessary to measure some of its parameters, such as conductivity,resolubility, pigment binder ratio, solid content, ash content, fineness and so on.


Today we’d like to share with you is the correct electrophoresis coating fineness determination method.


1.First it needs one who is skilled in the operation of 15μm and 25μm scraper fineness meter to operate.


2.The scraper fineness meter must be carefully washed and dried with solvent ,cleaned with soft wiping cloth as well before use.


3.It should be extra careful, if it is found the reading less than 10μm in the process of electrophoretic coating fineness determination


4.Make predictions to determine a more appropriate fineness meter specification and the approximate grinding fineness of sample.


5.When doing trial run, you can use the appropriate diluant to adjust the viscosity until the sample liquid just into a drop, and then use a small       paint knife fully mixed, drop several sample drops into deep part of fineness meter groove, be able to fill the groove and a bit excess is             better.


6.Hold the scraper with two hands and make it perpendicular to the polished flat surface,pull over the scraper from the deep part to the                 shallow part of the groove in 1-2 seconds,so that the electrophoretic paint is filled with groove and no residual on the plate.


7.After pulling the scraper, within 3 seconds, make 20~30° angle between the line of sight and groove, then observe the sample by light, the       first occurrence of dense particles, especially across the groove 3mm wide strip containing 5 to 10 particles, the scattered points may               appear in front  of dense particle points can be ignored, so as to determine the position of the upper limit of this band.


8.It needs 3 times parallel determination on the same sample, then take arithmetic average of the three measurement results as the fineness       of the electrophoresis coating.

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