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Chinese Brand Day
Latest company news about Chinese Brand Day

In April 2017, relevant authorities announced that starting from 2017, May 10 of each year will be designated as "China Brand Day".


Today, China Brand Day celebrates its second birthday!




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The so-called "Chinese brands", which are often referred to as domestic brands, independent brands and independent intellectual property brands, refer to brands that are originally created by Chinese enterprises and whose property rights are owned by Chinese enterprises.


In recent years, China has made great efforts to develop its own brand economy and advocate national brand strategic plan. The phrases "Chinese dream", "Made in China" and "Chinese brand" are no longer unfamiliar to every Chinese.


The purpose of establishing "China Brand Day" is to vigorously promote well-known independent brands, tell Chinese brand stories well, and improve the influence and recognition of independent brands. We will stimulate the innovation and creativity of enterprises, build up the consumer confidence of our own brands, and enable every Chinese brand to go abroad and go to the world with strength.


HLS -- China's authoritative and professional water-based industrial coatings manufacturer, from the beginning of its establishment to spread the spirit of national industrial revitalization as the mission of the enterprise.


Over the years, we have developed electrophoretic coatings and water-based industrial coatings independently with leading r&d team, first-class product quality and perfect service system as the source. In production to meet different customer needs of waterborne industrial coatings at the same time, we strive to provide customers with more functional solutions, high-quality product quality and brand service for the customer and the unanimous recognition and affirmation of the society, a and a medal of honor and witnessed the growth of HLS HLS has also become a "waterborne industrial coatings brand in China" is one of the representative.


Achievement belongs to the past, the future has a long way to go!


Never forget the original intention, HLS will continue to move forward with "China Dream"!


"Chinese Brand Day", HLS is the spokesperson of Water-based industrial paint brands in China, and the spokesperson of all struggling "Chinese brands"!



Chinese brand, come on!

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