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Causes of water-based coating film particle and solution

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Causes of water-based coating film particle and solution
Latest company news about Causes of water-based coating film particle and solution

The cause of the particles


1,   poor air cleanliness, spray room, drying and drying room dust in the coating environment

2, paint is not fully stirred or filtered before using

3, paint deterioration, such as paint base or anti-coarse, pigment dispersion is not good or produce condensation, organic pigment  precipitation,  flash paint base aluminum powder dispersion is not good.

4, film skin is crushed, mixed in paint.


Common measures to address particle defects


1the air dust  of paint room, and drying room  shoulb be sufficiently removed to ensure that the coating environment cleanliness meets the requirements.

2, The coated surface should be cleaned, such as wiping cleanwith a sticky cloth or blowing away the electrostatic adsorption dust on the coated surface with ionized air.

3, the paint should be fully stirred, and with the prescribed screen filter.

4, plant work area of the ventilation system to maintain smooth, to ensure that the work process produced dust particles can be discharged in a timely manner.

5, operater should wear protective clothing when in and out  , reduce human factors leading to spray room pollution.

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