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company news about Application of E-coating equipment and surface treatment characteristics.

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Application of E-coating equipment and surface treatment characteristics.
Latest company news about Application of E-coating equipment and surface treatment characteristics.


E-coating is one of the electrodes of the substrate surface coating method which making slurry and epoxy resin and other particles itemization float in the electrophoresis liquid color transfer and deposit on electrodes by using an additional electrostatic field

It is an extremely complex electrochemical corrosion process, in which at least contains electrolysis, electrophoresis, electro deposition, electromemeion four whole process. E- coatings can be divided into anode electrophoresis (positive for workpieces, anionic type for coatings) and cathodic electrophoresis (negative for workpieces and cations for coatings).


Characteristics of electrophoresis coating process treatment


E-coating film has the advantages of coating abundance, uniformity, flatness and smooth, and the strength, adhesion, corrosion resistance, impact performance and infiltration performance of electrophoretic paint layer are significantly better than other coating processes.


(1) choose water-soluble coatings, water as dissolved substances, save a lot of solvents, greatly reduce environmental pollution, health and safety, in addition to preventing fire accident safety hazards;


(2) high efficiency of coating, small damage of coating, the usage rate of coating more than 95%;


(3) coating film thick and uniform, strong adhesion, coating price ratio is high, workpieces in each position such as the middle layer, dents, welding and other places can get a uniform, smooth coating, solve the difficulty of coating the complex structure of the workpiece;


(4) Production and manufacturing efficiency, engineering construction can complete the continuous production of automation technology, and further improve labor productivity;


(5) complex machinery and equipment, high investment costs, large electricity consumption, its curing regulations of high temperature, coating, coating management methods are complex, strict process standards, and the need to carry out wastewater treatment;


(6) choose water-soluble coating, the color should not be changed in the whole process of coating, it is not easy to control stability if paint storage for too long.


(7) E-coating machine equipment is complex, high technical content, suitable for fixed-tone production and manufacturing. Electrophoresis process as a new type of clean energy, including energy saving, resource saving, used as maintenance and corrosion-proof coating methods, with coating leveling, physics and chemical resistance and other characteristics, suitable for complex appearance, with edge angle, main bone workpiece coating, is used in many cars, electric vehicles, mechanical and electrical engineering, household appliances and other hardware coating.

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