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Since its foundation in November 2003, HAOLISEN has been adhering to the vision of “Advocator and Innovator of Waterborne Coating Solutions” and committed to the development and production of industrial electrophoretic coatings by investing lots of human, material, energy and financial resources over more than a decade.

By 2009, HAOLISEN has become theinfluential and famous brand manufacturer of electrophoretic coatings in China. With its constant pursuit of innovation, HAOLISEN persists in scientific research and innovation in order to better create values for the society and provide customers with higher quality products and service as well as efficient coating solutions. HAOLISEN is committed to maintain the absolute leadership of its core technology in the industry, which endows us with honourable social responsibilities.


HLS's development​:


2003 HLS Coating (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was established.


2005 Its sales volume exceeded 100 million RMB.


2008 It transformed the white goods industry, and was rated as “Excellent Supplier” by Haier, Midea, etc.Itcreated the E+P coating process system for oil heaters in domestic household appliance industry.


2009 It created the E+P coating process system for radiators in domestic household industry.


2010 Its white and colored high-end electrophoretic coatings account for a market share of 90% in China.


2012 It established HLS Chemical Technology (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. in Nantong of Jiangsu Province.


2013 Its upgraded high-performance electrophoretic coating products have been highly recognized by theautomobile manufacturing industry, and obtained the technical accreditation certificates for basic

automobile materials of China FAW Group, Chang'anAutomobile Group, Dongfeng Automobile, Volvo

and other auto makers.


2014 It has registered in EU and Japan and established its overseas business division, and is now goingglobal.


2015 Through cooperating with Fudan University, it has established “Joint Research Center of New

Waterborne Surface Treatment Materials”It has been recognized by Sany Group for waterborne

industrial coating materials.


2016 China's first book of industry technology compiled by a company - Modern E-Coating Encyclopedia


2017 SAIC Volkswagen's certification for electrophoretic coating and its supply thereto; Foton's certificationfor water-based automotive topcoat and its supply thereto; hosted "Gather to Paint Common Prosperity- Surface Finishing Total Solutions Forum".


2018 HLS Chemical Technology (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. went into operation.


2020 It is certified by SAIC-GM and can be supplied to SAIC-GM system

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More than a decade ago, HAOLISEN started its business with only three persons, one workshop, one sand mill, one reactor, one order, one customer. Step by step, we worked hard to win the achievement nowadays, all of which are attributable to our talent investment concept – “selection, cultivation, education, trust, returns”. In this regard, we also established Human Capital Construction Committee. We will treat the talents as the wealth and roots of HAOLISEN for the future, so as to realize their individual value.
The Corporate Culture Management Committee of HAOLISEN will build a second family filled with respect, love and assistance for employees and develop a healthy and civilized featured by sincerity, wisdom and positive energy. HAOLISEN holds that the enterprise system and standards integrated rules, emotions and morality on the basis of humanity is superior to anything, and treats employees as families, with loyalty and filial piety.

Since “it needs a long time to cultivate talents”, HAOLISEN has been keeping innovation and challenges to seek success. With the sincerity, passion and perseverance, we are striving to win better achievements. Upon over a decade of unremitting efforts and hard work, HAOLISEN obtained today’s accomplishments.

HAOLISEN’s elite teams keep an eye on customers’ demands to create perfect application experience for them.

Let’s keep pace with time together to pass on our spirits and culture…

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No. of Employees : 315~360

Annual Sales : 100million-120million

Year Established : 2003

Export p.c : 80% - 90%


Our Products Have Passed Many Certificates.

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